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Post what to do when my family doesn't support you

Hello i am a 34 yr old addict and alcoholic. I started drinking at 25 while doing meth, i haven't done meth since mothers day 2006 but i haven't been able to stop drinking. I finally realized about 5 yrs ago that i AM an alcoholic. I have stopped drinking and started quite a few times, changed what i drank and cut back, all typical of an alcoholic but i struggle very hard daily. My biggest challenge at the moment is when i stop drinking i lose a lot of weight and my parents, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins start accusing and thinking I am on meth. Most of it is my mother that loves drama and she calls child protective services. I have had the Sherrif. Bang on the door at 11 pm saying that our son called his grandparen ts. Screaming. And crying, then hung up. He was playing a board game at his friends house across the street. I was so embarrassed when the cops went over and asked to look around their house. I feel like my mother wants me to fail so she can get attention. In some sick munchhousen syndrome mentality. She is even friends with my sister in law now and they have literally hated each other for over 16 yrs ( their dislike for each other had nothing to do with my husband and i's relationship). I feel very abandoned., hur and like they really want me to fail. I have been very sad and fighting harder not to drink. Along with all this my husband I. Is fighting stage 4 cancer.
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