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I think I was one of the early adopters of Subutex, I remember reading about the study being approved in my state of California the month before and I had contacted a doctor right then. I have been using it ever since. This was in an attempt to treat depression that crippled me after years and years of trying everything else.

After a number of years I would notice how maybe once a month I would wake up with a headache, sometimes maybe after a day of physical work where I perspired a lot. Then over the next few years this started to occur more and more.

Fast forward to today: I wake with a headache every day. This are real painful headaches that last all day. I have found some relief by taking Imitrex before going to sleep, but this is a very bad awful state to be in.

I have tried many, many, many many things and I have it narrowed down to Central Sleep Apnea. This is where your brain forgets to breathe. I have a BiPAP device but those are not really made for CSA, They are for the Obstructive apnea. I am going to get a BiPAP with a ventilator built in called a BiPAP Auto ST.

From what I have read this is something that happens with Opiates.

Has anyone else gone through this and after quitting Subutex being able to breathe normally again?

I have read about a few others who quit and even after this still can't breathe right after.

I have left a lot of info out so that people don't just get lost in all of the reading but just imagine working at trying to resolve this for five or more years without insurance doing all the things you would probably do, that is what I have done.

I am sure this won't happen to others but if I need to know if this can or can't be reversed and I think others should find this out so that if these symptoms start they can be aware and not let it get too bad.

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