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Thank you Nancy, Elizabeth, and Deanna, I am having what seems like 30 hour days packed into 24 hours, I did mean to come back to the site earlier, but I sort of promised myself to not do it with a mobile in traffic, too restrictive to participate properly.

To Deanna, you might take strength from Stevie Ray Vaugan's, life story, he was a famous modern era blues musician that kicked a bad alcohol habit, lived to sing about it in his music (life by the drop) reconcile with family and friend, and then have a tragic helicopter accident getting shuttled to his next gig. So tragic! His brother said the tragedy only makes the memory of his accomplishments resonate more so, and he wasn't talking about his music, he was talking about getting off the bottle and reconciling with his family, that's the accomplishment his brother remembers best and holds close to his heart.

I find the best thing we can do to honour the memory of our loved ones is to be kind and loving towards others, and of course ourselves.

Peace be with all of you, and again I owe most of my new found success to the amazing infrastructure of support this site has provided.
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