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Hey OTB,

Good to hear from you! We missed you. It's great to hear how much better your life us, both in business and your personal life. I'll bet your son does think you are much more fun! Playing music gives you a creative outlet that is good for your endorphins.

"All in all, I still disagree that the brain can't make a full chemical recovery from opiates, I think it's the opposite, I think the drug brings you to a fake bliss, and if you are focused, when you quit you can develop insight to what bliss is and work your ass off to find it naturally, ultimately the journey to find bliss is more rewarding that the fake bliss the pill gives."

I like what you said, I too believe that the brain heals itself. Doesn't mean we can let our guard down as far as drugs go, but I think we can be even better than before. Having gone through addiction can make you really grateful for recovery.

Keep enjoying every day and congratulations on continuing to improve your life.

Keep in touch!

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