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Hello y'all! Just an update, work was a super struggle at first, and I suffered hot flashes for almost 2 months post Oxy, here is the good news!

I feel close to "normal" now, yup, I still have moments where I feel discouraged by everything, but now I play guitar with an accomplished group and they dig what I play, and they are shocked to hear I feel little about it and that I'm going through the motions, so they actually try and find riffs and grooves to inspire me.

I'm super lucky to be able to be surrounded by creative people that challenge me to get emotional about a tactile ability, and it has worked!

I walked past a bar the other day and saw a guitar just resting stage left and a band member gave me the eyes, meaning he motioned with his eyes to get on stage and play, I did, and I didn't leave until my fingers were literally bleeding.

No kidding, I would have kept playing by using crazy glue on the cut but I had none.

Also, all of a sudden I'm not just getting job offers, I'm getting partnership offers, meaning being a co owner of an enterprise.

3 months ago I couldn't leave the house for fear of WD, now I'm a reasonably hot commodity in my profession, but most importantly, the instant my son wakes up I can hear him excitedly chanting "daddy" because I'm apparently much more fun to play with in the early morning than I used to be.

All in all, I still disagree that the brain can't make a full chemical recovery from opiates, I think it's the opposite, I think the drug brings you to a fake bliss, and if you are focused, when you quit you can develop insight to what bliss is and work your ass off to find it naturally, ultimately the journey to find bliss is more rewarding that the fake bliss the pill gives.

Nancy, Elizabeth, thank you again for the support, I haven't checked on the status of my last post because I needed to see how I would do without support, it's been fine but I miss you guys so I'm back to update. I would NEVER have gotten here without you guys, it's a very true reality! You guys rock!

Keep on truckin' y'all, it gets so much better after 2 months!
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