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Default Drink driving coming up to Xmas

Hello everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

I am an alcoholic and i want to share something with you all.

I had lived a terribly dysfunctional life over here in dear ole Blighty and i drunk and drove, all my life. I went to court once, with kids in the car, got banned from driving, and drove home.

I drove through all the bans i have had. I had never had an accident because i was a "good driver". I was only ever arrested while speeding.

You are talking to a habitual drink driver that knows he is better than all of you, AND, knows he can drive better.


All those around me knew i drank and drove a car. They got it in time after time. I made them believe the same as me, i am "full of myself", so they got in. I didn't kill them thankfully.

3 years ago it was around Xmas time in dear ole Blighty, the roads were a bit icy, it was 10pm.

In the old days i would have given you a deep description of what happened, but i was drunk. I hit an island in the middle of the road, the car lifted,...spun... hit said pole, spilt in two, nothing was coming the other way, nothing was behind me, i rang the police, waited.

It took the police nearly 2 hours to find 1 of the front wheels such was the impact.

The road i was on is a thoroughfare. For there not to be anything or anyone on it at any given time is frankly a miracle.

I was banned from driving for 3 years. (I should have gone to prison)

My ban is finished in weeks time.

My friends i don't think i will ever drive again. I thought i was able... i was not. I am an alcoholic. I have been sober for a while now, yet if i succumbed to drink, AND had a car....would i act in the same way?

Please, it is with humbleness i write to you. If you know a loved one is drinking and driving, please snitch.

Yup, i said snitch, grass, tell on them....easy?

I was a drinking alcoholic that drove, i haven't for 3 years now. I could have killed goodness knows how many. I didn't. The amount of "near misses i had" well.......

If someone had called the cops, everyone would have definitely been around the next day at worst.

I do apologise. I know it sounds a bit over the top.

If you know someone is...tell.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you all.
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