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First of all welcome!

You have found yourself a pretty ok group of folks to fall in with. I have only been here for a minute or two in respect to the rest of these fine folks, but they are pretty good about taking people in that need the support to travel down this sober road. (Pffft, they took me!)

You said that you are on day 4. When I made my first post here, I had never made it past day 4. I have full on night shift brain going on and I'm trying to remember where I am now...9 I think. I'm pretty sure. It could also be 8 or 10. LMAO, I'm gonna have to look after I get done rambling here! NONE THE LESS...the kind words, advice and the never ending encouragement that comes out of these fine individuals is what helped me get past day 4, along with a pretty good amount of grit on my own as well. I will say I couldn't have done it without them.

So make yourself comfortable, and well, let's talk about stuff and not drink, sound good?
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