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Sam Bailey
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Hey Diane,

Well, good luck to you. I hope that you have found the reason, and the subsequent solution, to the desperation and misery you've been feeling.

See dear, it is NEVER about alcohol, nor about drugs. Booze and dope is never our problem. Never.

In fact, it is our solution. It helps to SOLVE the heartpain and misery we feel on a regular, often deadly basis. And God sakes, the booze/dope actually works. Until it stops working.

No, alcohol is likely not you problem. You, yep you---like the rest of us---you are your problem. Those issues you mentioned.

How will you solve that? But then, maybe you know. If so, that'd be freaking great. I hope you have.

Do remember one thing, an aphorism it is, direct from The Program. It is apt though, I believe.

It tell us: Alcoholism is the one disease that tells us we have NO disease.

If you discover that you DO have it, please come back.

Should you learn that you are not an alcoholic, then you have good news.
Go with God. and have a wonderful, fulfilling life, Diane.

FYI: I am an alcoholic and a drug addict and I found I could Produce/Direct Emmy Winning Network TV Shows as well as write and publish fiction even as I was recovering. I bet you could too.


best to you, Diane.

sam b
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