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Got a lesson in patience again this week...had been talking with my daughter a little and we were making slow and cautious progress. Then Wednesday came and the bottom fell out. She called me and insisted I was not to help her ex by taking care of my grandson in any way or she would disown me and never speak to me again. I should have said goodbye then but asked instead what she was talking about...she proceeded to descend into a rant where she blamed me, her family and her ex for all her troubles. After telling her she needed to take responsibility for herself, work a program of her choice, get some counseling and get a job, I finally came to my senses and told her unless she could talk to me in a respectful, calm way, I was done with the conversation. We both hung up. I'm sad she seems to have regressed and is probably drinking again. Her thinking is so convoluted; she tried to tell me she had already received sufficient counseling through the outpatient rehab she did while continuing to drink and the three weeks she spent in in-patient rehab. That'd be almost laughable if it wasn't such an indicator of her stinking thinking.
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