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Wow-do you know anything about this treatment center or how long the program is? Don't know if you have a kindle, but his book is available that way too.

Since you know he is in a safe place for now then take this time to keep yourself busy doing things that you enjoy. Worst thing to do is sit home and worry? Do you work outside the home? That is always a good way to keep the mind busy. And, then after work go shopping, or a movie, or to get a bite to eat to keep yourself out and around other people. Do you have family and do they know about the issues you are going through right now? Another option is to connect with Alanon-it is a group for families who are going through, or have gone through, what you are right now. Look them up on the internet or phone book. If you live in a fairly large town you probably have meetings there. You will be with other folks who can share your pain too.

Keep posting as someone will pop in and listen to you as the journey continues.

Best wishes,

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