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But the situations she has been in are so scary I cant see how they were not rock bottom..I mean I have received calls and she was in some very tough neighborhoods,that I did go and I was scared! I really am wondering if she has been raped,and that is hard to not think about but it is very possible,very very possible..Knocking on strangers doors,hiding behind dumpsters,so drunk she doesnt remember anything. But I always always get the blame from her that I am to controlling,but that was for her own good..It didnt effect the other 2 kids,they found it to be concern,but with her its control..I have had calls to come get her and she was in a house with a few guys,and I left there crying,with her in tow,and knowing that deep down something probably happened,and if that is what happened,and that makes her want to drink then she needs to come to terms with that,and seek rape counseling..Im just thinking out loud about that,but I have to wonder.There are so many more 'rock bottoms',that if they werent the one then her bottom maybe death
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