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It seems like weeks since I wrote,but in reality it has only been a few days.She had to call from the hospital to have a ride and initially I said call one of your 'friends',but they wouldnt come,or couldnt..whatever,I ended up going.Stupid me.She was home here for a few days and called someone to pick her up,and of course they brought her back her,drunk.I got online and checked my cell phone usage to see hers,and I tried to call the ass that came and of course just got threatened that if I called again they would call and report to police.I had a come apart! I unloaded,and put her out.I told her that for one,someone is not coming to my house and picking her up,prob using her and drop her off and then have the audacity to threaten me! Of course I know its not that persons fault,but they know her struggles.I was trying to have a peaceful few days because believe it or not,the other 2 kids came home for a few days.One has left already,and the brother was pretty verbal.Im so sick of this! I really dont know how people can tolerate the sick person that is in their life,because this has only been a few years,and I am about ready to I know how my other 2 kids feel,like they cant wait to go back 'home'. We aked her if it was so bad that she thinks we control her,why do you keep coming back here..she said this was her home,and we told her it WAS,but not while she is drinking...she really has no intentions of stopping.Promises promises,and she needs to finish school,and she has plans..I have heard this same old crap and her poor me attitude I am beginning to resent her.She doesnt even try. She has her meds and doesnt even take it.
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