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Dear Marilyn,
Glad your back is better - Ouch ! And good to see the update, I am guessing you are cautiously optimistic? I do not want to damper Mike's accomplishments. Just something to consider with Mike imo- it is concerning that he is not involved in some type of support, a group, something... and possibly being approved for Disability, even though process may take quite a while. Just something I have seen that having money in hand for an alcoholic can be treading on thin ice. I saw it at the ( sober ) shelter where I worked, some men got their money and would be back within months.
If there is any way possible to appeal to the disability board if approved or his case manager may have an opinion anyway ( the disability board usually asks if he in need of a payee, the payee is a person, a non family member - who will give him his check and monitor that his funds go to living expenses, at least until he can show he can handle it.
Again, I in no way want to put a damper on your wonderful holiday together, Mike's efforts, I just really want Mike to make it, I truly do.
Take Care and I pray this will a New and Great Year for Mike as well as the family!
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