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I feel a need to chime in after reading R.Lee

I was an Eucharistic minister and visited a nursing home to bring communion and I am in the choir. I believe because my dad took me out of the church (he was a union organizer and got pissed at the Jesuits of Fordham U because they went against the union) when I was 10 or 11. I came back 32 years later thus my view is way different however........

I was living a few days with a woman who is now my wife. This I suppose while not encouraged, not a reason to lose my positions as long as I confessed. (we are not very sexual at all for health issues but we are deeply in love)
So, I do what I think is right and get married but...She is a Christian science member, her mom is Jewish and she wanted to honor her by having it under a "Hoopah" with wine offering (yes I did wet my lips with a tiny sip I also took the blood of Christ in the form of wine and have no issue with that) I read from the bible she from 'Science and health by Mary Baker Eddy'

Well you know where this is going--yeah, I can no longer partake of the most important part of the Mass. However, I knew the "rules" an accept the outcome for one important reason. I am not always in the right! Maybe the church as off base as it seems is right and I'm in sin but I take my committment very seriously. I am very welcome in my church, well liked and still a member of the choir, in fact my Christian science wife sings with us from time to time (she is a professional)

Anyway, I am sorry you have forsaken the church we need good people. To be honest, i'm never 100% sure of God being real and sometimes pretty sure he is not. No one can be sure the Catholic church is the true church (I like to think his judgement is like it says about good people not followers of Christ who still will enter his kingdom) even further, I find it down right silly that some churchs say "if you say this simple prayer, you will go to heaven" I find the tele evangilist's much like what the bible warned us about antichrist's. But all in all I believe we will be "reborn" or somehow become pure spirit.

Why do I still believe, well sure part is wanting it to be true because the alternative seems really sucky! But moreover, I love the fact that science seems to have made it clear that we are not so much matter as we are energy or in another word-spirit or thought thru mind.

Lastly the fact that life here on Earth is so delicately balanced. In other words, we are the perfect distance for the sun, our atomsphere is perfect to deflect most harmeful rays, the water cycle exist's and so on. Throw one thing out of whack and
poof we are history! Lastly, the sheer beauty of the mountains and star lit nights.

Anyway, i'll meet ya on the other side and give ya a razzing for your non belief but happy to see ya!

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