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Dear TrynTryagain,
I am sorry I missed your post where you described what your job entails. And believe me no judgements on your drinking just please please be careful. Are you aware of medication assisted treatment, granted you cannot be drinking but Vivitrol and Campral have worked for many with cravings. The info is in the links I gave you.

I honestly cannot understand why the very people who are in the field are refusing to help you - I am not intending to be dense - I cannot wrap my brain around it.
Where in the compassion? Just because you held this job or that position still does not negate your accomplishments for those in need !
It is a fact that your efforts and care for those in need does exists , you did so much for so many. Their attitude seems to be that because you are facing a crisis with alcohol that you are somehow undeserving? You were somehow supposed to be immune? NO ONE IS ! NO , addiction does not care who you are , what you do, it is an equal opportunity disease.
Is there a legal agency to help you get the help you need? Can you pay for private care? What of this author, could he plead your case? I know you have to be ready and willing to proceed, I still have faith that there is an answer somewhere. I have to go now but will return to check on you.
Whatever you do ,PLEASE do NOT give up, stay safe and take care, Carly
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