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Wow - R. Lee, I am blown away by your comment that somehow I help you stay sober. I had no idea. Thank you very much for you comment. I don't know how I help you, but I am appreciative to know that I am somehow giving back to you in some small way.

I have some exciting news! I actually went out on a date! Although I won't be seeing him again, I am proud of myself that I had the courage to go out with him and I am proud that I am listening to my instincts. It is amazing how living with an alcholic can make you doubt yourself. You see somebody you know is drunk, but then they tell you it is all in your head and somehow twist things around to the point where you actually start to believe the comments...

Anyway, my self confidence has improved and I look forward to it improving even more. I try very hard to listen to my "gut" and not to override what it is telling me.

I wish you all a happy holiday!

Take care,
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