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Hi Saint,

Thanks for your post. That was my plan all along - to just focus on myself and my son for now... but I let myself get side tracked. Of course now I am completely beating myself up and telling myself I'm a bad mother for putting my son through the divorce, that I may have hurt him for life... all these feelings that I thought I had dealt with are bubbling up and I just want to run away and hide and be somebody else, just for a little while.

I wish I could fast forward and know that things all work out okay, that my son is happy and healthy... and then I can look back at this as a little bump in the road.

I am very tired, which I know isn't helping the situation at all. I couldn't sleep last night which isn't like me. i was up until at least 4:00 am... so I am telling myself to shut off my brain and go to sleep, but I can't right now.

Thank you for listening, for posting, and for being there.
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