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Hello once again.

I am O.K. I am still adjusting to life without alcohol. The initial euphoria of being able to stop drinking and being successful at it has passed. I have been tired of late and feeling down. Not sure why but my wife thinks I am depressed. I tend to agree with her : ) . I’ve been keeping an eye so to speak on how I’ve been feeling so if my mood doesn’t improve I’ll seek some professional assistance. I promised my wife I would. I had to, promise that is, because otherwise I wouldn’t even if I should. It’s not that I couldn’t or can’t, I just wouldn’t, unless I really had to, because I should . I hope I was clear on that .

I’m feeling better already.

I am finding my way one day at a time and yes, I am much more at peace with myself and others than I have ever been. Thank you very much for asking.

And thank you for responding to my question. It is a difficult question but I believe I understand more now than before.

Carly, R. Lee, Magda, Jerry and all the other posters - you’re words here are inspirational. Keep up the great work - if you enjoy it, all the better!

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