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Hi 1418,
I understand what you are saying, and yes, as Rlee says if one thinks in terms of never drinking again - it is like climbing a mountain ! it seemed so unattainable in the beginning for me. But break it down and it is doable.
Maybe that is what prevents your STBE from getting help, he feels overwhelmed, but this is not your responsibility, you gave him info, you offered to help him, after that it is up to him, ( except when it affects his visitation with your son).
But, as you said, most people do learn how to live without alcohol and deal with underlying issues, and yes life without alcohol can be managable and even fun ! There rae so many options for treatment, I am sure there is one that fits his needs.
It is unfortunate that your STBE does not believe that yet.

Is there any possibility his family will intervene or will they enable him ? I ask because his issues with alcohol will continue to impact your son, and imo- that will need to be dealt with.
Are the ballgames over yet ? I hope he is moving on - esp with the guilt trips! Hang in there, enjoy yourself , you worked hard to rebuild a new life ! Take care, Carly : )
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