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1418, I take no comments here as direspectful. Who am I to judge your situation. I only try to offer suggestions. I try not to take any comments personal. I'm only trying to give help to the suffering alcoholic & the victems of their behavior. Giving back what was so freely given to me.

The alcoholic has got to want to get sober for themselves. When the alcoholic still continues to drink they stand the chance of GIVING AWAY EVERYTHING. Not loosing everything, GIVING IT AWAY.

I used to think that when I got sober I would never have the choice to drink again. That never drinking again idea kept me away for many years. It was too big of a mountain for me to clime. I now look at being sober as a daily reprieve from drinking. If I don't stay on top of my thinking I may chose to drink again. That is the reason I use the power of a 12 step program so I can continue to live a proper kind of life. I could not do this alone. I need a support group. Good luck, R. Lee

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