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Hi everyone!
I'm new to this site, only been on subs for a few months, & I just had to reply
Suboxone is literally saving my life!!!
I have crohns disease, a debilitating & extremely painful auto immune disease
Because of the pain I have on a daily basis, I have been on percocet every day for the last 5 year's, I have tried to quit, I've used everything short of illegal drugs to get off perks, but I'm sure everyone else on here, like me, couldn't get past the 3rd day, by that time, I would be in utter torment! Severe dehydration, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, every bone & muscle in your body screaming for relief, extreme body cramps, skin so tingly even your clothes hurt, weakness so severe you can't walk! Maybe that other guy can preach against subs while sitting on his high horse of self righteousness, but for me, I thank God for subs! I can detox while living a semi normal life, I thank God I no longer have to hospital hop because I ran out of pills early, and I thank God I don't have to feel ashamed anymore, I can finally live my life

I'll get off my soap box
Sorry but I just had to express myself!!
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