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Hey Blackthorn,
That is so cool that your husband openned up the link! That is huge. I am going to try the same, though I don't think my husband will go along. Meanwhile, I did have a bit of a breakthrough with my husband..... This morning on our way to work (we carpool together) I asked him a question -- I said, "are you upset about my drug use because you think that I did this because I am missing something in our marriage?" and he said, "no, I am upset that you did this because you have been a raging lunatic for the past 10 years and the lying and deception are more than I can take." WOW is all I can say to that one. I don't think I have been a "raging lunatic" I mean, our kids are great..... I have held down my job and am doing really well...... So I can't believe he said that. I asked him if he really thought I was actually a raging lunatic and he said yep..... AGH...... I mean honestly I don't think that can possibly be true! How can one raise 2 fantastic kids, hold down a fairly decent job as a Coorindator for a large institution and be the President of the PTSA and be a raging lunatic???? Okay this is way off topic...... But seriously! LOL I better get going......

I am so very happy for you. Now I need to work on my husband! Have a great day.
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