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Hi earthmama, I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience with bupe. Were you addicted or physically dependent on opiates when you started it? This link explains the difference between tolerance, physical dependence and addiction.

You're so right. No one needs 40mgs of bupe a day. Most the literature from the beginning said 32mg is the maximum dose. Usually that was only to get the blood levels up more quickly in the beginning for people who with long-term addictions to heroin, fentanyl and opium. If 32mg doesn't help, it's generally because there isn't enough of an agonist effect from the bupe to stop cravings and/or withdrawals.

How long have you been at 2mg? (I'm looking at your other 2 posts also in this response.) There are people over the years here who have successfully stopped bupe. Usually taking their time, especially from 2mg to 0mg. This thread has both good and bad stories:

And this thread has a lot of good advice that's helped others:

Are you able to exercise at all? I know you said you have chronic pain, so I'm just wondering if there are limitations to your ability to exercise. That's been one of the common threads in the successful tapers.

Do you think that you could try a slow taper from 2mg instead of spending all of that money in a rehab (referring to your thread on loans)? Especially after your last rehab experience. If they just stopped you cold at 40mg, then shame on them, they did you a real disservice.

Sorry if I seem all over the place in this post. For those reading, I'm also picking up parts of her other 2 posts:

Sorry for all the questions also.

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