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There was a resently ADA case where a company wouldn't hire a methadone patient because they assumed he had impairment while taking methadone which apparently he had been for years on a stable dose that didn't cause any major amount of drowsiness. He apparently was able to prove and there were expert witnesses that asserted that he was safe to do the work without being dangerous to himself or others as the company assumed when he was tested and the company found out that he had being on methadone program. I do not recall the whole case but it as in the last two years. I founded by Googleing ADA Methadone. The company assumed the methadone patient would be impaired while working on methadone. There is currently a case I believe in Kentucky of a nurse who is on Suboxone and for some crazy reason both Drug Court and the Kentucky Licensing Board are prejudiced about medication assistance recovery. I think she is likely to win.
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