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Default people still dont understand

Brian, let me say ,you are Not alone in all of this. The misunderstanding of Buprenorphine treatment aloug with others placing Shame and Guilt on thoses getting this treatment to me, is just ignorence (sp).
Your saving your life. your family comes first too.
Others love to sit in judgment. Sorry you had to go though the act of Proving to Them just what yojr treatment is. Ive seen it all, in the 4 years ive been taking subs how people react. Basing MY RECOVERY on how They all think I should being doing it.
Just saw on fb how an old friend in na tells Us how loug and when Sub treat Should be giving. How Dare he, or ANYONE tell someone how to recover.
Tbe tide is slowly turning ,thank God.

If indeed they are all still useing, they have no right to judge you Brian. Show them with your actions at work just how well you are. There the ones still sick imo..Your doing great as I see it, well from here on a forum. ha.
You have support here ,keep posting if you like. And remember, You are doing Nothing Wroug. Your winning now.
good luck......MAXXXX
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