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Unhappy New & feeling down

My partner has been battling with depression and alcohol dependency for many years, he was a drinker when I met him but it gradually got worse, at rock bottom he attempted suicide after I had walked out after having an argument about his drinking, that was, I thought the Wake up call he needed, he contacted out local Community alcohol service (CAS) and was given treatment, the alcohol nurse prescribed some medication that I had to supervise my partner taking ( nurse said he would only ever be given this medication Once and to make the most of I, not sure if that was true or he said it as an insentive for my partner) he relapsed, had a few more months of absinance and has been drinking again since Christmas.
He came home from shopping today and had apparently bumped in to a friend (who is also alcohol dependant) and they had a heart to heart, in the Pub, of course, about his friend losing everything because of his drinking,! His friend retaliated with "that's the pot calling the kettle" and told him to stop preaching to him, when he got home he said that he wanted to help his friend and I said then maybe you need to show him it can be done and he can be alcohol free by helping yourself first. He has agreed in theory to me calling NECCA to make an appointment for Me to see a counsellor who I have seen there before and him coming to sit in on my session, if he don't like her we will walk out and he won't go back(CAS & NECCA merged and last time we went to NECCA the receptionist was rude and there was an 8 week wait to him to see someone), but who knows what will happen come Monday

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