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Hi antique!

I am a recovering alcoholic who has been in relationships with men (some long term) who were also alcoholics. It sounds like you know where reality is, and are maybe struggling to have your reality fit into what your husband is doing. It won't.

For years I made excuses for the alcoholic boyfriend, or my ex-husband. You are not being overly sensitive, it sounds to me like you are finally realizing that this is not a normal way to live. When I drank it was because I was happy, sad, friends or relatives were around or were not around, you name it I drank because of whatever situation I was in and I could justify anything. As Lee mentioned, it is ultimately your choice to decide how you want to live your life. At this point it doesn't sound as if your husband thinks he has a problem. He will do absolutely nothing about it until he realizes that he does.

There is a reason that you are here, and trust me, we have all been in a similar situation! We are not here to judge, but to support you no matter what your decision. Please let us know how you are doing, and take care! Jenm
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