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CRICKETS, You are good people looking out for your daughter. You gave her every opportunity to be successful in life. She has a disease called alcoholism. Even though it is a disease she has to want to get help.

I just came from a jail meeting in a small county of 10,000 people. I lead a meeting for inmates who want to come to it. This county has a drug court. If an inmate wants to go to rehab & is approved by the drug court they can go to rehab instead of staying in jail. It is a modle program & if they do not complete the program they are back in jail to serve out their sentence. They are then on probation which requires them to alcohol & drug tests. If they fail they go back to jail.

I wish I could give you an answer to help you other than YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO GET HER HELP. She has not wanted to get sober more than anything in her life. Until she wants it more than anything & doing it for herself her sad story will continue.

At least you have put forth the effort & can be at peace with that no matter what her outcome may be.
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