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I see you as already on the right path, making positive changes to improve your life. You identified to yourself at least you were abusing methadone and made changes. Not liking who you have become, sounds like active addiction to me. sometimes we want to please people more than we want to lie, unfortunatly that's what we end up doing.

You are off to a fresh start, so why not have a good sit down with your sponser, and tell him what you told us here. He may well already know that you have not been being honest, but didn't want to call you out on it, for fear he may lose you to active addiction again. One of the best things my daughter did when she left rehab and got her life straight over a year ago, was gave me permission to call her out on her bull****. Not that she was using, but reverting back to some of her old behavior's like lying, not be open and honest about what she was really feeling. Being around people that were not good for her recovery things like that. She does get a little defensive at first and then I remind her that she asked me to do this. Don't be ashamed of things and feel that you can't tell your sponser, you need to be honest with yourself #1. You seem to already have a good grasp on that, and then honest with your sponser to progress with your recovery. Remember you are not a bad person, just a person with a disease that needs treatment.

Good Luck with everything!

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