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Hi everyone,

I can't believe it has only been a few days since my last post. It feels like several weeks. The conversations continue and the good news it that my husband and I are talking to one another. We were both very focused on our son, but as the days go by, my husband's anger is increasing. I realize this is a normal part of grieving (loss of relationship) but I need to get out of the house I think. It is too hard splitting and still living together. I am waiting for my attorney to draw up the proposal. I want him to sign off on the proposal before I move out. There is no way I'm going to do anything that puts my 50/50 time with my son in jeopardy, no matter what happens at home.

My husband is going on his "starvation diet." I think he is doign this becuase he wants to get in shape for the dating scene. The bad part is - when he did this starvation diet before he drank and ended up in detox.

Last night at 2:15 am, I woke up and thought the toilet was running. It was actually the TV - blaring in the master bedroom (I'm in the guest bedroom). He was sound asleep. I have to believe that he had passed out to not hear that noise.

I shut off the tv, which after I did it I wished I had left it on. More to post later. Thanks.
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