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Hi again, you could try taking 1.5 pills instead of the 2. Just be mindful that because of the long (around 37 hours) halflife, you may not notice anything for a couple/three days. If you start to feel kind of crappy, then that reduction was too much and maybe 1 3/4 pills would be better. What time of day do you take the medication?

Unfortunately there really isn't that much on Zubsolv here, mostly people asking about switching from Suboxone to it, not tapering off of it. Since it's the same medication (bupe and naloxone), it's just the number of milligrams that varies. So just go slowly, try not to think about that you are reducing, and go about your day.

This is a good thread by someone who tapered off of bupe:

This one has taper stories - good and bad - because something can be learned from both:

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