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Susie, grasping at straws is a normal part of realizing that you have a problem. It's like a little child being taken away from their security blanket. As alcoholics, we find comfort in our alcohol and root ourselves into a routine of drinking. The thought of uprooting all of that and finding a new routine is hard. I guess what I am trying to say is I understand you, and I want you to know that you can have so much more out of life. The pit of alcoholism is deep, but grab the hands of those who have climbed out before you and follow them to victory! I for one am so grateful for R.Lee, Saint, Jen, Nancy and others on here that have been there for me. It is because of them that I never gave up on myself and kept trying. Take a deep breath Susie, realize that this is a process and you will have to work for it, then grab ahold of sobriety and don't let go for anything! We can do this together Susie. Blessings.

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