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Red face Is there a meeting near me?

I live in Southern California (Inland Empire) and just started up on this site today. I was wondering if you know of any meetings near my neck of the woods? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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My name is Mike and I have been in recovery for 26 months. I have been on Suboxone for over 2 years and attended traditional 12 step meetings in my area. In the beginning I really needed the support I recieved at NA and AA meetings. As time went on and I progressed in my recovery I noticed the stigma associated with medication in 12 step meetings. I began to resent the people in the meetings and eventually the meetings themselves. I did some research on NA's view on addiction medication "drug replacement" and didn't really care for what I found. In WS Bulliten #29 it says that NA members on drug replacement treatment such as methadone should not share at meetings, chair a meeting, or give a lead. This prompted me to try something new in my area. I recently started a Medication Assisted Recovery support group in my area. This is not a 12 step meeting but a support group for people on medications like Suboxone/Subutex, Methadon, Naltrexone, or Vivatrol. We meet once a week and can talk about anything that we need to, there is no rigid format that we follow. Just people that have shared similar experiences helping eachother. This has been extremely helpful for me as well as the others that attend regularly. We do not discourage people from attending ohter self-help groups. Actually we encourage everyone to use any help that is available. This is something new and a work in progress. I am looking for ideas to improve our meeting and we are open to any suggestions that anyone might have. I would appreciate any feedback that I could get on this. And I welcome anyone intrested to attend if you find yourself in Western Pennsylvania.
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