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Hey sam bailey,

When I first got on suboxone, I was taking 12-13, 10mg lortabs/day. And if I couldon't find that, I would take anything to get me by till I found some.

I was on, 32 mg /day at first, then went to 24, ......etc. now on 6mg/day.

Th his last month, I almost ran out of med. Before my refill date.
I noticed I was running thin about 10 days away from refill day.

So, I had to ration to make it stretch.
That made for a stressull week.
On the bright side, I realized that I can survive on 4mg/day. .....

Eventually, I would like to be off of bup, but that will be quite a while from now.
I hate to find myself in the "ration" situation, but at least I've seen that I can survive on less and I'm another step closer to being off of this stuff.

Foggy headed seems a Lil better.

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