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Yes. Nancy. I actually take less than 4mg most of the time. Usually around 3mg and on some days even less than that! But the pain is constant and sometimes it helps to take a little more. Not always, but sometimes it does. I have also tried taking it twice a day as well and that doesnt seem to help so I stopped taking it at night. I have felt some slight withdrawls at night. But nothing that is too uncomfortable. So id rather not take more suboxone if i can help it. The less iam on the better.

I however, I read some threads where people were talking about spitting out the naloxone or whatever. I decided to try it yesterday and it actually seemed to help! I was really surprised. I had very little pain and felt very energized. It could have been a fluke though, or perhaps something else I did or didnt do. Iam going to try it again today and see how it goes. The only problem was that it seemed like I had to take more subs. Around 4mg or so.
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