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Hello Michael. Bright blessings to you.

My heart is yours. Cry......cry........and when you have finished crying.......cry some more my dear friend. LET IT OUT.

We think alcohol is like a sink plug. Shove in the hole and it stops everything. Well we know that is hoo hah, so now you are feeling. I soooo respect you hurting over the things you are. It means you really are human. The fellow i have been lucky enough to come to know. Go with it my friend, hurt. I am with you, and will stay with you.

We don't like to get hurt. But we get old and life happens. We navigate, frankly we do the best we can with who we are. Who you are is someone that has empowered themself, now you feel these things, at times when i feel them, (almost always at night), my whole body actually contorts, it twists as if i have been punched in the tummy, i clench both of my fists and i slowly slide to a standing up feotal position, i have nothing but the horrors of my experiences of life, SOBRIETY kicks in, and in 30 seconds i am "pulling myself together from pulling myself apart".

The thing is Michael, you are here. It menas, today, yesterday and tomorrow, you are a winner. Big hug to you from across the pond.

Michael?....i do apologise about this, but i just got to ask. Were there really cowboys and indians, or was that just on the telly??!?

Chin up old fellow.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you Michael.
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