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Ever since I have been taking Suboxone, this is what I have had to buy to keep cool. I have a fan that has a cord that hangs around my neck and it is battery powered. This is probably the best little thing ANYONE that has hot flashes or just sweats like you are melting could have. I have also learned how to buy loose modal jersey clothing. Modal Jersey is cheap, walmart has a few pieces right now between 10-15 bucks. It is however sleepwear, but honestly looks like a tank top. WONDERFUL for sweating. I also have a desk fan that blows directly on me.
I absolutely hate this time of the year. Especially being on Suboxone. It makes me sweat like MAD. Now, I do get irritable sometimes BUT that could just be how it messes with hormones. It messes with mine however. If I keep myself busy, I dont seem to get as irritated. We have animals in the house and sometimes they irritate me to the point I want to get in the car and leave for a hour. They are just like kids, they make messes. My boy especially, Sylar is definitely a Mommy's boy. He wont leave my side for more than a couple of minutes, I love him though. Yes he is a dog, but he is my baby boy.
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