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Thanks Julie

I always give the thanks to the lord because He did the real work in removing the craving. However, giving up alcohol and drugs was a lot easier for me. I really had to "white knuckle" it with the smoking. I used to go into a lot of prisons upstate and they made this ultra strong coffee. I drank it because I liked coffee but mostly because the inmates spent their own commisary money buying the coffee and believed I'd be rude If I did not partake. Anyway, this coffee gave me instant cigarette cravings that I had to fight. Plus they were able to smoke back then and the room was filled with secondhand smoke.
That and first thing in the morning along with coffee Ahhh-hh! that was a nice time to light up! (hey if I keep this teasing up I may relaspe lol)

Not to make light of it, smoking is very very hard to give up

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