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Default A` new Begining with Hubby

Good Morning FAD I did what Tim suggested i sent him the link to HBO Additction and he has been a lot beeter i can even somw whhat talk to him. I know he feels hurt because i have over the past few trs told him i quit but justkept going. When i told him i was starting Suboxone I told him the night before my appointment to start. Then when we where talking loadly about it ( My drug use) the other day before mY thread started i said to him that he may have not said anything but he knew in the back of his head he knew all along he walked out of the house he had a Firehouse meeting he txted me about 30 min later and said he did kinda know but was using the don't ask don't tell. Any time you wanna talk let me know i am not as good as the older members but after he started with the HBO special tim sent he has been diffrent even asking how i am doing.

ohiomike there is no link please send it
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