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Default Trying to get my husbandto listen

ok so i am on suboxone i started one month 3 days ago. I have beed an addicted to something in one way or another my whole life. but thats a whole other thread. ok so hre i go I have been married to my husband for 8 yrs. I have been using perk 10's fr 12 yrs it took me alot to amitt i had a problem. So the night before my appointment. I hide my use for yr from him. Everytime I try to talk to him about what I am going through he always tells me that if i go back to using "u have a lot to use" or "you wont have to worry about me Because i will be gone" I don't understand i need to talk isn't he suppose to be part of my support network? I have no real support network. My doctors office is there for me more then anyone else. I have all of these feelings and all of these things to say. I am going through all of these changes and i am not sure how to handle it.
As far as some of threads they have helped and i thank all of you for the help. I just need some ideas on how to get him involved. anyone have any ideas? I feel like i am alone unless i am on this web site or here to help. And yes i knowi have to start counseling i am working on trying to find a group in my area i live in upstate ny. Any Ideas?
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