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Hi Frank,

Sorry to state the obvious- Re: honest w/counselor ....
anyway, that's a real catch 22 - either be sick with the crud or feel better and possibly want to drink. Jerry had posted some great insight about cravings on Saint's thread - maybe you could take a gander at those.
6 hours is a long way to drive for counseling, does it have to be VA services? There are some great counselors with local/county MH/SA programs. Seeking a professional closer to you, logistically, would be ideal. ( I know this is another no brainer ) but I guess I am asking if you could consider private or even county services.

I will ask you on OT thread about OR. Coast - sounds very interesting!

Well, I do hope you and wife are feeling better soon. Take care, Carly
Hi Carly,

Thanks for calling me on my s%%t about thearpy. I should be shot for being so lazy. My mo is "i'll do it tomorrow". Whats mh/sa?

The va is 3 hrs. up and back, but I have issues (possibly legal) with them. Long story about me getting rear ended almost 5 yrs ago, which is why I can't work.

Don't be sorry about stating the obvious. Other folks are reading, and they might need to hear it. I once knew a man who lied to his therapist, and I remember even back then thinking why would he do that knowing he won't get help, or at best it will take much longer.

I will look at saints thread. I'm feeling better today, and my wife is a little better. Thanks for asking.

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