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Hi Frank,

I was thinking about what Jerry mentioned regarding Talk Therapy. You have many questions as to the whys and how this disease affects you, you said finding out why is the key for you. Talking about it with a professional is a great way to get the answers you need.
Just a suggestion, but-
OK, you tried the VA counselor twice, you had a negative experience, maybe you could try again ? Isn't finding the answers you seek , being happy and healthy worth the effort ?
Finding someone with whom you can relate to is important, and it does take a few tries, imo. I call it finding the right fit. Though if I was in a crisis - anyone would be better than no one, but it took me several tries to find someone I clicked with, because I knew I needed to have someone long term, to cut through my BS that I ( sometimes) through out there ; )

Maybe this forum is a gateway to you being able to try something like counseling again, if you can be honest with us, then couldn't you with a professional?

To the right side of this page is a treatment locator, you just enter your zip code and a list of professionals in and around your area is available. That is a start.

I am so glad you have these 30 plus days under your belt, and that you realize perhaps it is time for the next step (s). That is progress !

I like what Jerry said about the higher power issue. But if that is a barrier to you taking this to the next level, then it can wait, like Rlee posted - he was an atheist and as Jerry posted, it is unique to the individual. I guess I am saying - don't over think it to the point of paralysis. You will find what works for you as long as you don't give up.

I hope today finds you well Frank, maybe some great walking weather in your area ? Please keep us posted, take care,
Carly : )
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