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Originally Posted by CarlyO View Post
There's Frank !
Not come back to this thread !! - why? because you were being honest ? Not a chance ! Honest is good, honesty gets us to the heart of an issue.
I understand where you are coming from. Someone once told me - you will never get all your ducks in a row - so forget about that notion. It was not even anything related to alcohol, just life in general. Like don't wait around for that to happen. It always stuck with me. Not that I always adhere to his wisdom, but I do think of it often. To date, my ducks have never been in a row ; )

As far as being happy, do "things " make you happy or relationships? Take away the consequences of alcohol - would that make you happy? - I know it is a stretch - but would it ? Just curious.
Maybe you don' t even know what would truly make you happy? That requires some soul searching, imo.
As far as anxiety, bad feelings, - issues that cause you to reach for a drink, those are issues you can work on and get through.
As far as drinking and not giving it another thought, could it be because you do not know any other way ? It is like breathing to you.
Remember also, there are plenty of people with great lives, all the money and things in the world, but ruin their lives with alcohol, because they are alcoholics, until that is dealt with- they will most likely stay on that path.

I am just glad you continue to post - there is the possibility, maybe your answers are closer than you realize. At least a part of you is reaching out - yes?
I hope you are doing well today, maybe have weekend plans ? Please keep us updated when you can, take care Frank.
Carly : )
Hi Carly,

Thanks for the words. Sometimes I don't go back to old threads, so thanks for looking back. I knew if you saw it, you would respond.

Pretty funny about the ducks in a row. I won't forget that one. Sounds a lot like me. That is me. Things are rarely ok without thinking about the future.

As far as things and or relationships making me happy? I guess both do. As far as would I drink if drinking had no bad consequences at all? Thats a no brainer for me. Absolutely I would. You asked for honesty. Or did you? Ha! If I can't tell the truth, I can't be helped, and like I said before, I almost don't have a clue why I drink. I never got that part in meetings. Duh!

What would make me truly happy? I don't have a clue also. Also, I don't know why I drink. I really don't. I think I drink to have fun, and get buzzed. Sounds dopey, but it's true. It's true that drinking is and has been a part of my life. I don't really know another way.

As far as reaching out for help, I am. Tomorrow I will have 30 days, and I still haven't been to a meeting. I haven't been feeling very good (my wife either) having the mini flu etc., not to mention a hangover that won't go away, so I haven't been tempted a lot.

I'm hoping you (or all) can spot some of my problems, and call me on it. I wasn't joking about having a thick scull, it's more like granite. Thanks,

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