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Dear friends,

Dad was perkier today. He managed to sleep last night and didn't argue with the patients in the beds opposite him, so I think that made a big difference to his mood. He says he can manage the pain meds by himself. He's such a stubborn man!
Of course the reason he is in hospital in the first place is that he was in the pub. A long story I won't go into, but one we all know well.
I am glad he has got his sense of humour and he looks soooo cute in his pyjamas. I love him very much.

I am happy to have given mum a rest, well, somewhat at least and I've been cooking pasta a go-go since Friday.

I am anxious about returning home tomorrow but I can't wait to see my cats. I just have to keep myself in check and not be gloomy. The week will be hardgoing workwise, so I will try to focus and keep energised. I have bought some hawthorn tincture to help me sleep and to keep me in this good routine.

The builder should come on Wednesday to fix the window (SHOULD come, doesn't actually mean he will folks!). The quote for the front door was way too steep. I can't afford it, and I need to keep some money aside in case I need to get a flight for England last minute, so I'll just have to make do for now. I'll seal it with some more polyfila and I thought I could reinforce it from the inside with some boards of wood. I bought a little drill so I can also FINALLY put some lightshades up and fix the coffee table. Well, try to at least!
So that's my plan. Just got to stick to it and shake myself into action if I find that I'm moping around and being wimpy.
Lots of love
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