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Thanks for everyone's well wishes.
I am ok. It was a relief to find the cats well and pleased to see me.

I was very scared and I felt as if the ceiling was going to fall on me. But I told myself it's ok to be overwhelmed, it's my first night back. I rode it out and today is another day!

It was a good flight even if Ryanair are hateful. When we landed, the woman next to me dropped her suitcase on my bag and squished all my mince pies!
So that made me laugh.

I can't be arsed doing anything today but I know it's better to keep busy.

The associations haven't replied. I probably have to wait until after the 6th January. I've decided that I'm just gonna donate his stuff to them for people like him. Not specifically for him as I originally wanted to. I think you're right, contact would make everything I've done pointless. He needs a complete cut off from me and he has to suffer the consequences of his actions because he had warnings: If you come here drunk and aggressive ever again, I will lock you out. If you hurt me again I will call the police, and so I did. We both just have to live with it now.

I feel like a butterfly whose wings have been pulled off.

What a crap way to start 2017.
But it's ok. I will be fine soon. I just need to get used to being on my own and keep remembering how lucky I am and that I can be a resilient person if I set my mind to it.

Oh no! I've written another long post!

Massive hugs to everyone
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