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I met the brother and uncle and they were kind and don't blame me.
I think they have disowned my partner. It makes me so sad.
I can't be the one to help him. It can't be me. But he still needs help. He deserves help, despite what he did.
I am so sad today.

Anyway, my mistake. Court isn't 23rd January but tomorrow. He may be released or not. Police won't tell me anything because I am the "victim". ?????? Surely that is why they should tell me???
I am in England now, so I am physically safe if he gets out. I am worried about the house, but I am just trying to not worry. Not imagine him in prison. I did the stupidest thing watching prison documentaries, upsetting myself, after my last post the other evening. I am going up and down hating myself, then feeling strong, then hate again.
I wish he had chosen me and not alcohol.

I told the friend but my story made her cry and think about her uncle, who suffered from drug addiction. I got everything off my chest to, but I felt so bad for upsetting her.

Tomorrow is going to be a windy day, so I think I'll just go for a walk and shout at the wind.

I really want to text him. I won't do it, but today I nearly did.


Thanks, good night
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