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Well, the coffee is on, as well as the kettle for the tea! Even though it seems I have been MIA, I have been reading and keeping up with all the goings on-and think of you all every single day. You are my friends and family so of course I worry about each and everyone, and try to send strength and hope your way.

The struggles I have been going through with my son has kept me away from the keyboards a bit. But the really good news is that he is in treatment and doing great. Today was visitation for a couple of hours and was the first I have seen him in a couple of weeks now. He is taking advantage of the opportunity and is working the program. He will be inpatient for another week, and then has several weeks of intensive outpatient. This program includes sessions for the family twice a week and that lasts about 6 weeks. We all do have issues that need resolutions. I am happy that we have an opportunity to work with counselors-so important to have a third party there to help us through. How I wish he would have taken the help much earlier, thing is, he wasn't ready then, and now he is.

My granddaughter in Montana just graduated from high school so my oldest grandson went with me and we drove up there for a week to participate in the festivities, The Rocky Mountains are just beautiful, so peaceful to just sit on the deck and be surrounded by the snow-capped mountains. Was good therapy for me to get away and have other activities to keep my mind occupied-it is a 16 hour drive so that wasn't so pleasant but was also a good opportunity to spend some time with my grandson too.

So now I am home and have a million things to catch up with. But, for today I wanted to take time to sit down with you all and share a cuppa on this Sunday morning! It is good to be home.

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