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Good morning my dear Jen. Bright blessings to you.

Whoa, i have just caught up. **** me, what a horrible set of circumstances.

I want to give you some empathetic support here.

As i write, and over the last month i am actively going behind a friends back to have him "sectioned" or committed which will be against his will, NOT because i am playing God, it is because he is my friend. He is so dreadfully ill and 2 things are going to happen to him. He will either end up in the prison system which will kill him, or he needs psychiatric care. I am in correspondence with the police, the landlord, the courts, social services etc, etc and i wrote a few days ago to his solicitor and included this sentence...."....i have no doubt he will more than likely never speak to me again, yet i must act in his best interests".....

So there you have are doing, in my humble opinion ABSOLUTELY the right thing by having that thought process. When we can not act in our own best interests we need to hope there is someone in our lives that will step in and take control.

As it appears to have transpired it seems the poor fellow is now in the hands of folk who will be able to offer him the help and support he so desperately needs. I hope that he chooses to engage with that. I really do.

In the meantime look after our dear Nan, and look after you.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be very strong. Loveness to you dearest Jen
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