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Sam Bailey
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Hey Jen,

To this day, I shake my head in amazed bewilderment at how delusional I was during my addiction years. As I look back I see just how obvious it was that I was headed off the cliff, and would surely take the plunge if I didn't confess my dark life, to myself, at least.

Yet I didn't do it. I was just so lost.

As is your poor brother. Lost and, as we all noted in past posts, doing every darn thing he can to protect his disease.

And yes, it is so heartbreaking.

I'm sorry for him, Jen. And I'm sad for you and all those other people who love your brother.

You are doing the right thing, Jen, to get him help, even though he doesn't want it. It's what my family did for me and I thank God that they loved me enough to risk really pissing me off.

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