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Sam Bailey
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Hey Jen!

I'm pretty sure you ALREADY know this, but kid? your brother's drunken, insane comments and behavior is totally NOT about you. He's doing everything his damaged mind can do to justify his life...and the way he leads it.

Still, despite this being his motivation, it's gotta hurt. Moreover, you'd be justified in snapping back at him. Thing is, he cannot hear you.

For what it's worth, Jen: while I'm not an absolute supporter of tough love, your brother really does appear to be out of control---and any continued enabling of his madness is not, likely, going to help him.

Somehow, some way, your brother has got to be woke up---if that's possible. I mean, of course, it IS possible, but, as noted, he's so far into his madness that he's actually delusional. Not that I know for certain, of course.

Yet he does seem to be pretty far gone, sorry to say. And I think you're right. He IS a danger. To himself, oh boy is that true! But maybe to your mom too. I think you might be right. Even if he's not a physical danger to her, just imagine the heartache SHE'S feeling, as she watches her son destroy himself. Only so much that a person, especially a parent, can take.

It's not healthy for your Mom to live like you clearly know.

So...good for you that you're protecting your Mom. And again, please know that nothing he says is about you. It's merely a dodge he's throwing up in his own defenseless defense.

It is, respect to your brother, just the ravings of a sick mind.

Best to you, Jen.

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